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Several Risk Factors Associated with Oral Lesions in Lupus

by | Sep 7, 2021

New research finds oral lesions, including ulcers, redness, and spots in the mouth, are linked to several risk factors in people with lupus. While many of the risk factors identified are not modifiable, the study finds oral hygiene status may be one simple risk factor people can feel empowered to change.

Researchers assessed 60 men and women with lupus and found the majority (70%) had some type of oral lesion. The following characteristics were associated with increased risk:

  • Medium-to-poor hygiene status
  • Number of pregnancies after lupus diagnosis
  • Lupus disease duration greater than six months
  • Lupus medications
  • Daily use of corticosteroids

Other risk factors assessed, including age, gender, cigarette smoking and medications not related to lupus treatment were not significantly related to the presence of oral lesions.

For people living with lupus, maintaining good oral health can be especially challenging, with more than 40% of people with disease experiencing oral ulcers. Learn about oral health issues with lupus.

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