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Join us for the 2022 Walk to End Lupus Now

Get ready!  The walk will be held in Cleveland Ohio in the fall of 2022.  We are eargly accepting volunteers and you can sign up here!  We are still ironing out the deails and more information is to come! We can’t wait for you to join us this special event!


Join us as we set out to uplift and encourage the lupus patient in your life. The strongest support tool we have is the incredible community of lupus patients and advocates across Ohio, and this event is truly our chance to honor that community. Your dedication to the mission, and fundraising for medical research shows your support. 

“The Walk to End Lupus Now means coming together with my family and friends to show that none of us are in this fight alone. I’m proud to stand beside my fellow lupus warriors as we raise awareness and fundraise for this cause that is so important to so many of us.”

Amanda Kepic, Lupus Warrior


Every dollar you raise brings us closer to solving the cruel mystery of lupus. We provide you with all the tools you need to fundraise for lupus research, support and education services all while earning awesome incentives along the way. 


The Virtual Walk to End Lupus Now® can be completed wherever you want. Join the charity walk in your neighborhood, at a local park, or even on a treadmill. Gather your friends and family to rally for the cause, set a route, and of course, decide how you will celebrate the success of helping the Lupus Foundation of America, Greater Ohio Chapter.


“I walk for all the people who have Lupus. I have seen such vast improvements in treatments over the last 30 years. So I walk, because I am hopeful that raising money and awareness will find a cure.”

Laura Biernacki

“I walk for my two girls. Because if I somehow genetically passed this along to them, I want there to be a cure that allows them to continue to live life exactly how they choose – without limits.”

Hartley Suter

“I went two years with joint pain, fatigue, and inflammation before a doctor could figure out what was happening. I still don’t know how I got this disorder. No one in my immediate family has lupus, which is why I decided to help raise funds to go towards research in finding as much as possible about this and hopefully find a cure one day.”

Jasmine Allen-Stone

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Understanding Skin Disease in Lupus

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Strategies People with Lupus Follow to Help Live with the Disease

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